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We are one of Europe’s fastest growing lottery companies

SAZKA Entertainment AG is primarily focused on national lottery games, instant lotteries and online lotteries and has a secondary focus on digital gaming and sports betting. The company is controlled by international investment group KKCG. As one of the European lottery leaders, SAZKA Entertainment AG is also respected on the world lottery market for its iconic and trusted brands and unrivalled distribution networks. Through our 64,000 points of sale and digital platforms, we serve an addressable market of over 79 million adults.

SAZKA Entertainment AG, together with its parent company KKCG, are strongly committed to social responsibility, responsible gaming and employer responsibilities. We act according to the precise rules, regulations and laws while taking proactive steps to securing player protection. We seek to make gaming and betting safer for everyone and to lead by example across the whole world lottery market. To that end, our responsible gaming strategy focuses on three key pillars: create a safe environment for our players, protect minors and other vulnerable groups and educate the general public. All of our operators are members of the World Lottery Association and the European Lottery Association.

We are always looking to modernise services so that we keep pace with the latest innovations not only on the European market, but also on the world lottery market. Part of our shared vision with KKCG is to be one step ahead of the competition in developing future solutions that seamlessly connect our traditional retail outlets with online lottery cutting-edge digital channels. We are one of the largest customers with a strong purchasing power for technology providers.

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SAZKA Entertainment AG operates lotteries in Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, and Italy

Our adaptability and market-leading technology set us apart. We have consistently taken on established lotteries and made them better. Our unique experience of operating in different jurisdictions enables us to adopt a tailored approach to customer experience on each market in which we operate.

Our trusted brands and implementation of best in class technology solutions are the backbone of our thriving international operations in lottery, online lottery, digital gaming and sports betting. National and local economies reap the rewards of our success. As one of the largest taxpayers in each country in which we operate, we contribute a great deal to national and local economies. At the same time, we act in accordance with all national and international regulations.

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All of our lottery operators are members of the World Lottery Association and the European Lottery Association

SAZKA Entertainment AG upholds the highest standards of player protection throughout our operations. All of our products have been awarded the highest level of responsible gaming certification by the World Lottery Association and the European Lottery Association.  Our long-term lottery licenses provide us with significant renewal advantages. SAZKA Group is a leading pan-European entertainment platform and the largest pan-European lottery operator supervised by numerous regulators on the world lottery markets where it operates.  SAZKA Group is committed to transparent engagement with regulators, at national and local level, to achieve high standards of compliance and ensure ethical business conduct. Working with regulators also helps us to balance contributions between good causes, responsible gaming and returns to shareholders. Our responsible gaming commitment also works as a key driver of long-term trust with customers, regulators and governments.

SAZKA Group operates lotteries in most of the European countries where lotteries are privately operated, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, and Italy. In all of the countries in which it operates, SAZKA Group benefits from iconic and long-established brands, strong networks and a long history of operations. Substantially, all of the SAZKA Group's gaming activities are regulated.

SAZKA Entertainment AG engages with national public authorities and the European institutions as a constructive, transparent and accountable stakeholder, to achieve legitimate, balanced and sustainable regulations. 

Our exceptional business performance goes hand in hand with strong social responsibility and it means more funding for good causes. From building children’s hospitals in Greece to promoting sport in Czech schools, we have always used our business skills to the benefit of the local communities in which we operate.

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