Risk management is an important aspect of the Group's businesses

Sazka Entertainment AG Risk Management aims at simultaneously creating and protecting value, and building resilience. It includes governance, strategies, policies, tools, processes and disclosure procedures deployed to identify, measure, treat, monitor and report on the risks to which the business is exposed to, or could be in the future.

The management of risk is, first and foremost, the responsibility of each Sazka Entertainment AG employee and decisions taken across the business have the potential to impact the corporate risk profile, to a greater or lesser degree. An effective risk culture and systematic approach are vital to ensure that shared risk management principles, appetites and attitudes are embedded and translated into day-to-day activities and behaviours of management and staff. It is promoted and supported via robust risk leadership, risk awareness, competency and communication, ultimately informing the strategic decision making process. 

The footprint of the overarching Risk Management Framework has been designed and developed on the basis of clear purpose and essential features and characteristics, aligned with Sazka Entertainment AG core values and strategic objectives. It is fit-for purpose, dynamic, customised and integrated in all organisational activities and continually improved through experience and learning. Its structured and comprehensive approach enables the continuous involvement of internal and external stakeholders. promotes awareness and timely anticipation, detection and proactive response to adverse elements and events Sazka Entertainment AG faces in the day-to-day operation of the business.

For more information please see the latest SAZKA Group Annual report (SAZKA Entertainment AG is from March 2021 the new parent company of SAZKA Group).