Robert Chvátal becomes the Executive Chairman of the Board of Sazka a.s., handing-over the CEO role to Aleš Veselý

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25 Jan 2021

From February 1st, 2021, Sazka, the largest lottery company in the Czech Republic, is changing its Executive Chairman of the Board and CEO. Robert Chvátal, the company's current CEO, will become Executive Chairman of the Board of Sazka and in this role, he will keep overall responsibility for driving Sazka’s further growth strategy, regulatory and international relations and he will hand-over its CEO role to Aleš Veselý, the current Chief Marketing Officer and Deputy CEO.  

Robert Chvátal has been running Sazka since 2013 and during those eight years he and his team have managed to transform it into one of the fastest growing lottery companies in Europe. "I am very glad that I will continue to be part of the Sazka’s team in the role of the Executive Chairman of the Board and drive further strategic decisions, regulatory and international relations of Sazka from this position. At the same time, I am proud that I could help growing the Sazka Group in four other European countries," says Robert Chvátal.

The new CEO of Sazka will become Aleš Veselý who has been at Sazka since mid-2013 in the role of Chief Marketing Officer, and for the last three years he has also been Deputy CEO. He has played a fundamental role in the complete and successful transformation of Sazka.

"Over the past eight years, we have managed to take a traditional lottery company and build it into a modern entertainment company. Thanks to innovation and online transformation we can offer a broad portfolio of games that appeal to three quarters of the adult population of the Czech Republic. My main objective is for Sazka to not only maintain this established trend, but above all to develop its long-term strategy as an entertainment company," says Aleš Veselý.

A decision will be made on who will replace Aleš Veselý as Sazka's Chief Marketing Officer in the coming weeks.


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About SAZKA a.s.

SAZKA a.s. is the largest and oldest lottery company in the Czech Republic with about a 95% market share in the market for lotteries and other similar games. The company's main lottery products are number lotteries, including the best-known game Sportka. Aside from number lotteries, their product range includes scratch cards, sports betting and fast-moving games. The company's second pillar is non-lottery services, in particular acting as the largest virtual mobile operator in the Czech Republic SAZKAmobil, topping up mobile phone credit and brokering payments for goods and services, as well as ticket sales. SAZKA a.s. primarily provides its products through a unique sales network with over 7200 sales points distributed throughout the Czech Republic. SAZKA a.s. is a member of the multinational investment group KKCG, which operates in 11 countries on 4 continents. Sazka a.s. is part of the international lottery holding Sazka Group (which also includes shares in the Greek lottery OPAP, Italy's Lotto and Austria's Casinos Austria). More at and