Our strategy

Our business strategy is centered around the following five areas:


1. Broadest gaming experience with lottery as a core

  • Offer new and innovative lottery products and sportsbook while focusing on further expansion into digital gaming

2. Casual play focus and responsible gaming

  • Capitalise on broad customer reach as ~50% of the adult populations play lottery games

  • Responsible gaming commitment as a clear seal of long-term trust with customers

3. Embrace digital growth opportunities

  • Exploit under-penetrated markets via strong digital offering

  • Utilize cross-sell between gaming verticals

  • Develop word-class competence in CRM (segmentation, penetration, real-time offering)

4. Operational efficiency

  • Big in innovation, selective in spending

  • Deploy innovative technologies (CAPEX vs. OPEX; make vs. buy)

  • Work closely with national regulators to balance contribution to good causes, responsible gaming and return to shareholders

5. Attract best talents to the industry

  • Profile as digital company first
  • Blend experience with innovation and new ideas