ÖBAG and SAZKA Group agree on joint control of Casinos Austria AG

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06 Mar 2020

ÖBAG and SAZKA Group, the largest shareholders of Casinos Austria AG (CASAG), have reached an agreement to strengthen the governance and ensure the future development of CASAG, including a shareholders’ agreement providing for joint control of CASAG.


ÖBAG will continue to hold 33.2 % of CASAG. ÖBAG is waiving its pre-emption rights in relation to SAZKA Group’s previously-announced acquisition of the 17.2% stake in CASAG currently held by Novomatic AG. As a result, the acquisition by SAZKA Group of shares equivalent to a stake of at least 13.5 % in CASAG will no longer be subject to pre-emption. The acquisition of the remainder of Novomatic AG’s stake, equivalent to a stake of up to 3.6 % in CASAG, is still subject to the pre-emption rights of other CASAG shareholders. SAZKA Group currently holds 38.3 % of CASAG.

Both ÖBAG and SAZKA Group are committed to working together to further increase the value of CASAG. 


Investor enquiries:

Radek Nemecek

Tel: +420 727 982 885

e-mail: radek.nemecek@sazkagroup.com




About SAZKA Group

SAZKA Group is one of the largest pan-European lottery operators supported by iconic and long-established brands and a long history of operations in the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, Austria and Italy. 100% of its gaming activities are regulated. The SAZKA Group’s businesses operate under long-term and, in many cases, exclusive licenses and concessions, which have allowed them to enjoy leading and, in many cases, exclusive positions in all the markets in which they are present. The SAZKA Group is strongly committed to responsible gambling principles, the protection of its customers and corporate social responsibility.


About ÖBAG

ÖBAG currently holds eleven investments: OMV AG, Österreichische Post AG, Telekom Austria AG, CASAG, BIG, APK Pensionskasse, GBK-Bergbau, IMIB, SCHOELLER-BLECKMANN GmbH and FIMBAG. Verbund AG, which is listed on the stock exchange, is managed by ÖBAG for the Federal Ministry of Finance. ÖBAG pursues the goal of a responsible management of the federal government's shareholdings that is oriented towards sustainable and long-term value creations. ÖBAG strengthens Austria as a business location by implementing the interests of its owners in a forward-looking manner.



Casinos Austria Group is the largest player in the Austrian lotteries and gaming market. Its subsidiary, Austrian Lotteries, offers classical draw-based and instant lottery products. The company is the exclusive operator of casinos in Austria and operates 12 casinos in Austria’s key cities with 2.63 million visits in 2018, as well as operating 26 gaming operations in 12 countries worldwide. CASAG also holds an exclusive license to provide online gaming in Austria. In 2018, CASAG had EBITDA of €192 million.